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You can order some of my readings, all of my quantum artwork and power jewelry. Shipping across the globe.

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All my readings and items are made, checked and programmed from the level of the Pure Light – the highest vibration of the Source of Everything that Is – level Zero. I work only with the Pure Light energy – no channelings, no astral garbage, no energy that is contaminated.


 Soul readings

  • The Reading between Souls – Why my Soul and the other Soul have met in this incarnations? What is the purpose of this relation? What are the lessons we are to learn from each other? What we have to work with? Do we have any karmic schemes to solve?
  • The reading for Self knowledge – What is the relation between my Soul and this particular creation? What does my Soul want to learn, achieve or practice? How can I improve the integrity between my Soul, this creation, heart and mind? What are the main blocks and barriers of development?


Energetic potential characteristics

Enables to check the actual condition of your energetic pool and personal potential as it is seen in the Pure Light.

The reading includes:

  • Way of life
  • Kua number
  • Basic Soul Plan
  • Mayan Birth Kin
  • Primal Element (primal cosmic form)
  • Cosmic DNA content with percentage scale
  • Energetic potential scale (Bovis)
  • The colours of your aura (birth and present)
  • Informations about energetic garbage if present (mind control constructions, agreements, contracts, curses, badluck, magic and spells, etc.)
  • Actual condition of your chakras
  • Personal power stones
  • Birth rune
  • Message from your Soul


Acknowledge your Process

The spiritual development is based on experiencing the processes of transition into different energy fields and frequencies. From the energy point of view (being more specific – the vibrational medicine based on quantum engineering), each Process has an emotional dimension – reactions and a technical dimension – reflected in the energetic structure of each human being.

You may learn in what kind of process you are at the moment. How consciously you perceive the process? What is the most important thing? Why are you in this process? How does it flow and what it takes? How can you support yourself at this time? What are you about to learn and practice?

The reading includes:

  • The access point
  • Actual condition  –  you are here
  • Ressistance point – what blocks you to go ahead and learn your lesson
  • Supportive power –  the energies which are your best friends in the process
  • Next step to take in harmony with the Natural Law
  • Outcome
  • The photocopies of quantum images with the algortimes + description – that is your Process in the form of sacred geometry, which works as a supplementation on the level of your DNA, cells, crystallic net and supports the processes you’re into